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Summer Reading Program 2021

Summer Reading will be back in Summer 2022!


August Update

We are entering the final month of SRP! I hope you have all enjoyed our crafts and have been tracking lots of reading hours online with us. With August come a few changes to the way we are doing SRP. First, the end of SRP 2021! The last day to submit reading hours will be on 8/20 by 5pm. Second, we will be hosting in-person events at Holt Park instead of distributing our weekly crafts. We love the crafts and would like to continue distributing them, but we don’t have the capacity to do both at this time. Every event will be on Tuesdays and will be held from 11am-12pm at Holt Park.

8/3, 11am - 12pm Tie-Dye. Bring a piece of white clothing to tie-dye with us. Please do not bring something large like a bedsheet. This is always a messy event so please come ready to get some dye on you and your kids!

8/10, 11am - 12pm SLIME! Bring a container to both mix and store your slime in, then join in and get to mixing this ooey-gooey, slippy, sticky, colorful slime!

8/17 11am - 12pm DIY Stomp Rockets. No need to bring anything but your best stomping feet and some creativity for when you make your own rocket!

We are really excited to be hosting these events in the park, however, we do ask that you practice social distancing as much as you can. We will have stations spread out and would appreciate your help in making sure that kids finish at a station before the next kids move in to complete their projects.

SRP 2021

This year there are three main parts to SRP. First, signing up will get you a free book, like in previous years. However, this year, you will be picking the book from a provided list. Yes, you can sign up online this year. Here is the link!

Second, you will be tracking hours online this year! Please use the following link to log your reading hours: The last day to submit hours is August 20th by 5pm. If you are unable to submit your hours online, just drop a piece of paper in the library book drop with your name, the number of hours you read, and the date. You can start tracking your hours on the 28th of June! Our prizes for reading will be awarded weekly. Each week we will have a drawing for each age group to select our winners for the week. Everyone who turns in reading hours that week has a chance to win! Drawings will be on Friday morning and winners will be notified that same day. You can see a gallery of the prize packs by following the link below!

The third and final part of our SRP will be weekly take-home activities. These will be things like creating robots that color, elephant toothpaste, and planting flowers. Each activity will have videos and/or hosted Zoom meetings to go along with them. You can sign up for the next craft using the link below! Check out Creswell Library for Kids on Facebook for these fun crafts. There will not be sign-ups for these crafts. A new craft will be available to be picked up each week while supplies.

 If you are ever unsure of what is going on or how to do something, please reach out to us. Call or email Nick at 541-895-3053 and if you have any questions.


Craft Video Guides

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