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Library Expansion Project

We completed the biggest phase of our Expansion Project!

Creswell Library has doubled its public space!!!

Please stop by to see our newly expanded space, if you haven't already. Thanks to you we were able to do all of this without asking our taxpayers for additional funds. 

Although the District Board has decided to take a break from construction in 2020, we're still raising money for the next phase of our project. 

You can donate either by using this secure online donation button or by giving directly to the library or Creswell Public Library Foundation (PO Box 1180, Creswell, OR 97426). All donations are tax-deductible.

What Will the Creswell Library Expansion Project Accomplish?

1. Purchase property to assure a permanent home for Creswell Library (we've been leasing). DONE!

2. Expand to occupy the entire building (remodel clinic side of the building and make minor changes to the existing library.  DONE!

3. Add a small multipurpose room for library programs and some community use, create a teen room, group-study room, and flexible space for all kinds of library activities.  DONE!

4. Create an inviting "front porch" where people can gather or wait out of the weather. Make improvements to the parking lot as required by city code. (2023?)

5. Spruce up the existing "lumber yard" to create an attractive courtyard for events and other outdoor gatherings. (2024?)

Children's Section
Our newly renovated children's area from the service desk.
Adult section.
Looking toward the newly added adult section and program room.
Front of library showing proposed front porch.
We would like Creswell Library to be the "front porch" of our community and asked the architects to design the front of our building to reflect that. The book-case mural will not only be an attractive piece of art, but it serves as our fundraising "thermometer" with each shelf representing $500,000 of the total project cost of $2,000,000. You may have noticed that we've started the mural, but it's behind a bit because of  weather and some other issues. When the weather warms up this spring we will catch up. Right now there should be two full shelves full of books--we're half way to our goal!
Proposed "sprucing up" of library's back yard.
A concept of what the new courtyard (old lumberyard) could look like. It will also be an attractive space for other programs and events.
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