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Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading 2020

If you have participated in our Summer Reading Program (SRP) before, this year will be quite different for you. If you haven’t done Summer Reading with us before, welcome! Everyone age 0-18 can participate!

This year there are three main parts to SRP. First, signing up will get you a free book, like previous years. However, this year, you will be picking the book from a provided list. Yes, you can sign up online this year. Here is the link!

Second, you will be tracking hours online this year! Please use the following link to log your reading hours: If you are unable to submit your hours online, just drop a piece of paper in the library book drop with your name, the number of hours you read, and the date. You can start tracking your hours on the 26th of June! Our prizes for reading will be awarded weekly. Each week we will have a drawing for each age group to select our winners for the week. Everyone who turns in reading hours that week has a chance to win!

The third and final part of our SRP will be weekly take-home activities. These will be things like air-dry clay, rocks and paint for rock painting, and DIY bubble toys. These activities will have videos and/or hosted Zoom meetings to go along with them when appropriate. Check out Creswell Library for Kids on Facebook for these fun crafts.


You can view the prize packs here:


We are still working in a very uncertain environment and will certainly be learning from our mistakes as we go through the summer. If you are ever unsure of what is going on or how to do something, please reach out to us. Call or email Nick at 541-895-3053 and if you have any questions.

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