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September Newsletter Update and Correction

Hello all,


We try not to send out more than one message a month but we had the start time for one of our events change and I made a mistake while editing the original newsletter.


First off, Our Condiment Class will have nothing to do with Food Dehydration. I was using the previous month's newsletter as a template and missed updating this section. Instead of food dehydration, we will be learning to make chutney, flavored vinegar, and mustard. There will be a hands-on component and demonstrations. This program is tomorrow, 9/19, at 5:00pm.


Second, our Medicare 101 class will be starting at 5:00pm, not 5:30pm. The program is still on 9/20. If you can't make it until 5:30 I would encourage you to come down. Our instructor has stated that they would be happy to run through the presentation a second time due to the time change. 


Hope to see you in the library soon!

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