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October at the Creswell Library - Family Newsletter

What’s New in October?

We have a very special month of programming planned for this month. In partnership with the Singing Creek Education Center, we are presenting an interactive 3-part programming series about Native American culture. These programs will take place during10/5, 10/19, and 10/26 at 3:30pm. You can find more information about each individual session below under "Thursdays for Kids".  On Saturday, November 4th from 2:00pm-3:00pm, there will be an all-ages cultural presentation by a local Kalapuya elder, Deitrich Peters. Deitrich “Deitz” will share about his regalia, his traditions, play flute, and answer questions. 

On October 31st, we will be handing out candy all day! We will also be doing Pumpkin Painting from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. 

Thursdays for Kids

We have five events this month for kids. 

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10/5 at 3:30pm - “Let’s Go Eeling” Storybook & Make a Basket - Hear a story about eel harvesting, discuss the main idea of the story, and make your own small basket with ribbons to take home. Get an acorn for your basket! (suggested age 6-10)

10/12 at 3:30pm – LEGO Club – Join us for LEGO building awesomeness! Each child that completes a project will get to put it on display in the library until the next LEGO Club.

10/19 at 3:30pm –“Mulak Man” Storybook & Make a Leather Pouch - Hear a story about elk hunting, try a fun quiz game, then make your own leather pouch to take home. Get an acorn for your pouch! (suggested age 6-10)

10/26 at 3:30pm - “Coyote and the Fish Trap” Storybook & Make a Coyote Mask - Hear a story about Coyote, learn about tenses in verbs, and make a paper coyote mask to take home. Bring home an acorn! (suggested age 6-10)

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10/31 at 3:30pm - Pumpkin Painting - Come paint a pumpkin and take a treat! This event is on a Tuesday.


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PreK Storytime - Thursdays at 10:00am in the Library

Join us for fun books, songs, and rhymes!! This storytime is intended for children in preschool but all kids and their families are welcome to join. We shoot for about 30 minutes of fun but sometimes we go a little long and sometimes just a tad short. Afterward, we will all do a fun craft. 

Baby Storytime  – Tuesdays at 10:00am in the Library 

Join us on Tuesdays for songs, fingerplays, lap bounces, scarves, egg shakers, stories, and bubbles! This storytime is 20 minutes long so we can wrap up before the littlest get too squirmy.

Pajamarama Storytime  October 10th and 24th at 6:15pm

Come dressed in your pajamas and bring your stuffies for this storytime. This storytime is a fun event for all ages and will have songs, rhymes, and picture books. 

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October Reads for November Book Clubs

Book Club for Kids

Book Club for Kids will meet to chat about "The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13" on 10/3 at 4pm via Zoom. Our next book is "Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures".  We will chat about this enchanting read on 11/7 at 4pm Read more about the book from the publisher.

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Here's a list of things Pip Bartlett can talk to: Unicorns, Miniature Silky Griffins, Bitterflunks--Basically, all magical creatures. Here's a list of things she can't talk to (at least, not very well): Parents, Teachers--Basically, all people. Because of a Unicorn Incident at her school (it was an accident!), Pip is spending the summer with her Aunt Emma at the Cloverton Clinic for Magical Creatures. At first, it's all fun, games, and chatting with Hobgrackles, but when Fuzzles appear and start bursting into flame at the worst possible places, Pip and her new friend Tomas must take action. Because if the mystery of the Fuzzles isn't solved soon, both magical and unmagical creatures are going to be in a hot mess of trouble.

Middle School Book Club

We will meet at the library on 10/4 at 2:30pm to discuss the "Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna". Middle School Book Club goes for 45 minutes and includes snacks. Our next read is "The Evil Wizard Smallbone". We will meet to discuss this book on 11/1 at 4pm. Here is a quick blurb about this book from the publisher. 

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When twelve-year-old Nick runs away in the middle of a blizzard, he stumbles onto a very opinionated bookstore. He also meets its guardian, the self-proclaimed Evil Wizard Smallbone, who calls Nick his apprentice and won’t let him leave, but won’t teach him magic, either. It’s a good thing the bookstore takes Nick’s magical education in hand, because Smallbone’s nemesis — the Evil Wizard Fidelou — and his pack of shape-shifting bikers are howling at the borders. Smallbone might call himself evil, but compared to Fidelou, he’s practically a puppy. And he can’t handle Fidelou alone.

Wildly funny and cozily heartfelt, Delia Sherman's latest is an eccentric fantasy adventure featuring dueling wizards, enchanted animals, and one stray boy.

Please email Lindsey at if your child is interested in joining a book club or if you have any questions!

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