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July 2021 for Teens

We are open!

We are fully open again! Well, almost. You can now use the library without a mask and without an appointment. There is an exception to this rule. For the first hour we are open each day we will require masks for everyone in the building. The same masking rule applies to Tuesday from 5-7pm. Our goal is to provide a time for people to use the library that do not yet feel safe in a completely mask-free environment. And, of course, you are welcome to wear your mask during any of our regular hours!

Game Night (ages 12 and up)

The shape of a game controller with the words Game Night

We are going to bring back an in-person Game Night this month. It has been almost a year and a half since we last had a Game Night and we are so excited to play host once more. Friday, July 23rd from 6-8pm we will set up the Nintendo Switch and dust off our board games. Hope to see you there!

Teen Tabletop (ages 12 and up)

Teen Tabletop is a space for teens to play tabletop games together. We currently have two groups playing Dungeons and Dragons. Group 2 plays on Wednesdays from 6-8pm and Group 1 plays from 4-6pm on Thursday. Right now, we play using a combination of Zoom and Currently, both these groups are full but we would love to put you on a waitlist to join, or if you want to try your hand running a game shoot Nick an email at

The book "Lore" by Alexandra Bracken with a head with snakes for hair

Book Club (ages 14 and up)

Teen Book Club meets the final Tuesday of each month from 7-8pm to chat about our chosen book. This book club is for teens already in high school. Currently, we meet via Zoom but will be chatting about how we want to proceed now that the library is open during our next meeting. Oh, and you get to keep the books we read!

Teen Advisory Board (ages 14 and up)

We also want to get our Teen Advisory Board going again. TAB meets once a month and helps us with all things teen. Mostly this involves helping to plan and run teen events at the library and suggesting books, movies, and games that you would like the library to get. We also expect our TAB teens to help volunteer throughout the year with various projects. This is a great opportunity to get some volunteer hours and start building a resume. Send Nick an email at with any questions or to sign up. TAB will have limited spots and interviews will be required before joining up.

If a monthly commitment is too much for you, we also need volunteers for a few Summer Reading Programs in the park this August. If you are up for helping out at these events please shoot Nick an email and we can work out the details.

Library Hours

Monday 12-6pm (12 - 1pm masks required)

Tuesday 10am - 7pm (10 - 11am and 5 - 7pm masks required)

Wednesday 10am - 7pm (10 - 11am masks required)

Thursday 10am - 7pm (10 - 11am masks required)

Friday 12 - 6pm (12 - 1pm masks required)

Saturday 10am - 1pm (10 - 11am masks required)


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