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Creswell Library App Down Indefinitely


Some of you may have noticed that our library app has stopped working. We had originally thought there was a server issue but have recently learned that the issue is a bit more permanent than that. I will put the official statement from the company that manages the app below.


What you really need to know is that the app is not currently working. Any of the current checkouts, holds, and fees displayed in the app display exactly as they were when the app stopped working a few weeks back. For example, one of my kids owed $4.75 in overdue fees. I paid those fees last week but the app still shows that I owe them. If you are unsure of your account status, give us a call at 541-895-3053 or email the front desk at You can also visit our online catalog and login to check on your library account here

Since the issue is with the apps ability to connect to a database, if you already registered your library cards in the app, you can continue to use the app as your library card when checking out items at the libra


Please reach out with any questions and sorry for the inconvenience.


A statement from SirsiDynix regarding your library’s mobile app:

SirsiDynix is the owner of your library’s mobile application. However, another vendor controls the access of the app. Unfortunately, they have unexpectedly disabled the app, rendering it inoperable.

As an immediate solution, we are working with your library to enable mobile searching of the catalog via the library’s website. This allows many of the core search features of the mobile app to be available on your mobile devices. You can use the URL below to access this capability: 

We have also been aggressively developing an entirely new, next-generation mobile app for your library. While it is not yet available for general use, we anticipate it will be ready in the next few months. This app will deliver the functionality you enjoyed in the original app, along with many new features.

We regret any inconvenience this has caused you. Please know that your library had absolutely no way of anticipating this situation, and we hope you’ll be understanding as we work through this difficult, interim period.

Bill Davison

Chief Executive Officer


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