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August at the Creswell Library – Family Newsletter

What’s New in August?

Baby Storytime is moving back into the library! We will also be moving Babytime from Fridays at 10am to Tuesdays at 10am. You can read more about this change in the Storytime section below.

The last day to use your library dollars is 8/26. Be sure to spend them because they expire!

We will be painting Light Switch Covers on 8/18.

If you missed our Motor SRP event on Wednesday, 7/27 we have a craft kit ready for you to pick up! You can make your own rubber band-powered helicopter. Just ask for a kit at the front desk.

Our newest Storywalk is up and ready to view at Holt Park. It is one of our favorite stories for storytime, Shhh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton. The Storywalk starts on the corner of Harvey rd. and A st. where it goes toward Oregon Ave before turning and running between the playground and courts. 

Read on for more details!

Summer Reading in August

I can’t believe that we are already closing in on the end of SRP. Our final three events are Slime Time, Tie-Dye Day, and Make Your Own Ice Cream. See the schedule below for the date and time. Prizes will be available for purchase until 8/26 so keep reading and earning those library dollars!

A quick note, if you have been submitting your reading hours online, you can pick up your library dollars at the front desk. We update them on Tuesday and Friday mornings (however, I am not perfect and have been slow a few days. Sorry!).

SRP Events

8/3, 11am at Holt Park – Slime Time

8/10, 11am at Holt Park – Tie-Dye Day (please bring your own item to dye. Nothing bigger than a t-shirt        please!)

8/17, 11am at Holt Park – Make Your own Ice Cream


Thursdays for Kids

We have three events again this month for kids. We are hoping to bring our baking program back this Fall!

8/11 at 3:30pm – Lego Club - Join us for Lego building awesomeness! Each child that completes a project will get to put it on display in the library until the next Lego Club!

8/18 at 3:30pm – Light Switch Cover Painting - Paint your own light switch cover for your house. We will have the two most common plate covers available.

8/25 at 3:30pm – Art with Holly - Holly is a local artist who generously hosts art lessons for kids at our library. Each month we will have a different activity and Holly will lead us through it one step at a time.



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PreK Storytime - Thursdays 11am at Holt Park

Join us for fun books, songs, and rhymes in the park! This storytime is intended for children in preschool but all kids and their families are welcome to join. We shoot for about 30 minutes of fun but sometimes we go a little long and sometimes just a tad short. Hope to see you in the park!


BabytimeNEW DAY AND LOCATION Tuesdays at 10:00am in the Creswell Library

Join us on Tuesdays for songs, fingerplays, lap bounces, scarves, egg shakers, stories, and bubbles! This storytime is 20 minutes long so we can wrap up before the littlest get too squirmy.


August Reads for September Book Clubs

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Book Club for Kids will meet to chat about The Strangers on 8/3 at 4pm via Zoom. Our next book is Stand Up, Yumi Chung! By Jessica Kim. We will chat about Stand Up, Yumi Chung! on 9/7. Read more about the book from the publisher.

“On the outside, Yumi Chung suffers from #shygirlproblems, a perm-gone-wrong, and kids calling her "Yu-MEAT" because she smells like her family's Korean barbecue restaurant. On the inside, Yumi is ready for her Netflix stand-up special. Her notebook is filled with mortifying memories that she's reworked into comedy gold. All she needs is a stage and courage.
Instead of spending the summer studying her favorite YouTube comedians, Yumi is enrolled in test-prep tutoring to qualify for a private school scholarship, which will help in a time of hardship at the restaurant. One day after class, Yumi stumbles on an opportunity that will change her life: a comedy camp for kids taught by one of her favorite YouTube stars. The only problem is that the instructor and all the students think she's a girl named Kay Nakamura--and Yumi doesn't correct them.
As this case of mistaken identity unravels, Yumi must decide to stand up and reveal the truth or risk losing her dreams and disappointing everyone she cares about.”


Middle School Book Club will meet on 8/10 at 3:30pm in the Creswell Library to chat about Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky. Our next book is Tornado Brain by Cat Patrick. We will meet to chat about Tornado Brain on 9/14 at 3:30pm in the library. Here is a little more about the book from the publisher.

“Things never seem to go as easily for thirteen-year-old Frankie as they do for her sister, Tess. Unlike Tess, Frankie is neurodivergent. In her case, that means she can't stand to be touched, loud noises bother her, she's easily distracted, she hates changes in her routine, and she has to go see a therapist while other kids get to hang out at the beach. It also means Frankie has trouble making friends. She did have one--Colette--but they're not friends anymore. It's complicated.
Then, just weeks before the end of seventh grade, Colette unexpectedly shows up at Frankie's door. The next morning, Colette vanishes. Now, after losing Colette yet again, Frankie's convinced that her former best friend left clues behind that only she can decipher, so she persuades her reluctant sister to help her unravel the mystery of Colette's disappearance before it's too late.
A powerful story of friendship, sisters, and forgiveness, Tornado Brain is an achingly honest portrait of a young girl trying to find space to be herself. Inspired by her own neurodiverse child, Cat Patrick writes with authenticity and sincerity in her depiction of Frankie in what is ultimately a love letter to neurodiverse children everywhere.”

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