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Information about the 8/17/2017 Creswell Chronicle letter to the editor

 The Library Board and the Creswell Library Staff value the freedom to read and strive to reflect the American Library Association guidelines related to these issues. We want to provide our community with additional information about the letter that was printed with the Chronicle today. Since the Board is required by law to act as a body (not as individuals) they were not able to respond to the patron's concern until after the District's regular Board meeting.

This is a copy of the letter (patron name removed) that was sent to the patron earlier this week. We look forward to continued communication with her to clarify this issue. Patron input is appreciated and her original letter was very thoughtful and made good points that the Board will explore.

LLD Board letter re Patron Concern 8-14-2017.pdf

If you are interested in reading our current material selection policy, it is available below. This policy was drafted in 2010. The Board agreed at the July Board meeting that we should revisit this policy to clarify some items and modify some sections to be more appropriate to the needs of a small rural community. Those issues will be addressed in upcoming Board meetings as time allows. 

Material Selection Policy adopted 2010 .pdf

Thank you for your interest in this issue. Please feel free to contact either me (Su Liudahl) at or the Board at




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