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Cozy Winter Reading Challenge - Challenge Page

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A Cozy Winter Reading Challenge

How many challenges can you check off between January 18 and March 25? 

Print out this challenge sheet (or pick one up at the library) and check off the challenges as you complete them. Turn it in by March 27 to be considered for even more prizes. 

Cozy Winter Reading Challenge Page.pdf

See how many of these challenges you can complete* between January 18th and March 25th. Save this list to submit by March 27 for grand prize consideration. If you need ideas or recommendations ask our staff, visit the website, or join the Facebook discussion group (search for “Creswell Cozy Winter Reading Challenge” and answer the questions to join).

For reading suggestions, click here: suggestions

 o Read a new book (published in 2021-22—or just pick one from our new book shelf).

 o Read a mystery.

 o Read a children’s book.

 o Read a teen book.

 o Read a book by an Oregon author.

 o Read a book with a white or blue cover.

 o Read a book about someone from another culture/place.

 o Read a nonfiction book about history or science.

 o Listen to an audiobook.

 o Read an ebook (using Libby or your Kindle—our staff is happy to help).

 o Read a book published in the year (or decade) you were born.

 o Read a motivational/inspirational/self-help book.

 o Read a book that takes place in winter.

 o Read a book set in someplace warm and/or tropical.

 o Read a classic.

 o Write a “review” of a book you read to share with others in the challenge.

      (Submit your review online or to staff.)

 o Read a book that was made into a movie.

 o Watch a movie that was based on a book you read.




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